Are you an engineer who is interested in writing the Professional Practice Examination (PPE) offered by the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO)?  Want to be well prepared for your PEO PPE exam to ensure the best possible results for your career advancement?  Tops Consulting can assist you in obtaining your professional engineering licensing with ease.  Our company offers outstanding support with our knowledge-filled PEO PPE seminars which deliver current and accurate information on how to successfully pass your PEO PPE exam.  The PEO PPE examination is challenging, and can be difficult to pass using only the prescribed materials suggested by the Professional Engineers of Ontario.  Tops Consulting’s PEO PPE seminars provide in detail the format and important aspects of the PEO PPE exam, in order to enhance your learning, and set you up for success!  If you are unfamiliar with the PEO PPE examination, or have been unable to pass it on earlier attempts, Tops Consulting’s PEO PPE seminars are an affordable, time-saving and interactive method of helping you achieve your professional engineering licensing and career ambitions.

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